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Managing payroll systems for businesses

Paying your staff is one of the most important things your business does on a regular basis. Getting it wrong can mean upset employees, over payments or even fines from HMRC. Payroll management involves a lot of complex calculations with frequently changing regulations which can be a costly burden for some businesses.

GGM Accountancy Solutions Ltd is here to help. Unlike a bureau, we won’t just process any numbers that you provide. We will ‘sense check’ the information and query anything that doesn’t look right based on our understanding of your business. That way, we avoid mistakes and the hassle that invariably follows if you or one of your team is paid the incorrect amount.

Tailored payroll solutions

No matter the size of your business or employment structure, we will understand your requirements thoroughly and ensure that the payroll scheme is streamlined within no time. Our payroll management service offers:

  • Monthly payroll runs
  • Payslip preparation
  • End-of-year annual returns
  • Advising you of PAYE/NI payments to be made

Regular checks from us will help in proactively identifying faults and rectifying them before they can affect the process. Call and get started by letting our team look at your payroll system. 
Tailored payroll solutions
Get the services of the specialist accountant at GGM Accountancy Solutions Ltd for your payslip preparation and other payroll management requirements in Peterborough
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