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Are you a subcontractor?

Are you a subcontractor? The last thing on your mind is getting the tax return in on time, but if you miss the deadline you will receive an instant fine of £100. Also many sub-contractors are due a refund of income tax. The sooner we get your return in, the sooner the money is in your bank account. We recognise the importance of submitting tax returns on time which is why we offer a low fixed rate for sub-contractors of £200 plus VAT. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Comprehensive accounting solutions for you

With many years of experience in the business accounting trade, we have dealt with all types of business models and accounting situations. Well-versed in the subcontracting business model, you can rely on us to understand your accounting dilemmas quickly and ensure that the right steps are taken to ensure that the documentation is in order. You can also rely on us to provide sound accounting recommendations which are aimed not only stabilising your accounts and procedures, but can contribute substantially towards business growth. Do not hesitate to call our staff in Peterborough. Ensure that your tax returns are filed immediately.
Comprehensive accounting solutions
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